Who We Are

At Third Eye, relationships are the core of our distinctive culture. We understand that work is much more than a job and focus our company and each relationship we forge with that in mind. Our team of IT experts is fueled by three guiding principles: Integrity, Insight, and Innovation


We believe in transparency and direct communication. In our IT staffing processes, we concentrate on finding the right fit for candidates and companies, not just filling a position because the skills on a resume match a job description. In our consulting practice, we have our eyes on doing what is best for our clients, including scaling down projects or decreasing the budget if that's what feels right to us.


We have extensive IT experience and understanding of how various roles play into the efficiencies and efficacy of teams and IT needs in the corporate world. We pair our knowledge and connections to the people we work with to gain comprehensive insight into a company, so that we can provide strategic IT solutions, including staffing and custom software.


We are constantly learning to ensure that the advice we provide to our clients is relevant and valued. As software developers, we know how to problem solve and think outside of the box in every situation. We are not afraid to take risks in seeking out, guiding, empowering and cultivating the candidates and clients we serve.

Our Mission

A third eye is said to represent enlightenment or a state of understanding. At Third Eye, we interpret to define a client's true needs. We ask questions, listen, and watch to gain a deep insight into the solutions that will really help a company accomplish its goals. We also coach our clients along the way to support and empower their own professional development in the IT space.

Jeff Blau


Our Story

Third Eye Software is part of the natural evolution of our Founder, Jeff Blau, who started Software Development consulting in Atlanta in 1995. He moved to the metro area from Florida where he studied Chemistry at The University of Florida. Having been in the hard sciences for the duration of his studies, venturing into corporate IT took a leap of faith. Armed with his strong problem-solving and relationship-building abilities, Jeff moved successfully from project to project, building his IT skillset along the way.

Over the first years of his career, Jeff learned on the job from the people he worked with and experiences he had. He was always paying attention and was able to see things others didn’t. While corporate investment in IT grew in the late ‘90s, so did Jeff’s reputation for being able to solve complex and sometimes messy problems for companies around town. Once stablished, Jeff’s reputation allowed him to leverage his strong relationships in the industry and go out on his own.

In 2000, Third Eye Software was born. The company encapsulates consulting and software development engagements, allowing Jeff to continue to concentrate on technical work while interacting with clients. The company quickly grew to include more clients and developers, and it became clear that Third Eye Software needed more attention than just Jeff could provide.

Carol Blau, also new Atlanta in the ‘90s, landed a job in IT consulting without much of a background in technology. Not one to be thwarted by the size of a challenge, Carol navigated a journey from student in New England to resident life advisor/counselor in the Mid-West to becoming a professional consultant in the Deep South.

Throughout her early career, Carol, much like Jeff, learned by doing. She worked for the largest global telecommunications companies to the smallest engineering firms. Having developed a knack for data analysis and enjoying the satisfaction of solving complex puzzles, Carol began to specialize in the data analytics side of what was becoming one of the largest growth sectors in IT. She parlayed that experience into the product side of the business with Warner Media and racked up many wins on the most visible data projects at the company

Having grown weary of the corporate culture, Carol needed a change to do something that leveraged her technical expertise, product-focused interests and gave her the independence she sought. Carol joining Third Eye Software allowed the firm to scale in ways it couldn’t previously.

Both Carol and Jeff had learned in their consulting careers in the ‘90s and 2000s that certain supports were missing from the companies that helped with IT staffing solutions. They also developed a keen sense of what made IT initiatives successful in companies large and small.

Built on that experience, Third Eye Software works from a core set of values on which all aspects of its business operate: integrity, insight and innovation.

Carol Blau