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IT Staffing

The right fit is hard to find. We work with our clients to match skills, work environments, and personalities.


We know how to read a resume with a discerning eye.

We ask tough questions and only refer talented, passionate, appropriate candidates.


We listen to your work-life balance wants and needs.

We match you with a company that will allow you to be part of an exciting, thriving team and environment.

When you partner with Third Eye for IT staffing solutions, you will be heard. Our goal is not quantity of placements, it’s quality. We listen to the needs of IT departments and companies to help determine the type of person needed to fill a role – and we know that resumés don’t tell the whole story. We also listen to the needs of candidates so that they will feel engaged with, valued by, and dedicated to a company. We also remain part of the team, providing support and guiding on-going strategies.

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